Convince your team

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It’s tough to convince anyone to spend money or to try something new. We did the legwork for you and created this go-to guide that’ll help prove that Qualigence truly is all it’s cracked up to be.

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Step 1: Present your case

Recruiting-Recruitment Research - Building a Complete Talent Picture


Step 2: Prove that Qualigence isn’t all talk

And prove you’re not all talk either.

Step 3: Drive it home

Objection #1: “We don’t have room in the budget.”

Response: Qualigence has a unique approach to research, sourcing, and recruiting. Nearly everything they offer is hourly, which eliminates those costly placement fees that hold us back.

“Three hires were made as a direct result of the research and recruiting facilitated by Qualigence International. When all was said and done--final budget and overall spend--the hires we made were at approximately 2.5% CPH. That’s unheard of.”

- VP, Talent Acquisition, Rockwell Automation
Objection #2: “External firms always have lengthy, inflexible contracts.”

Response: True, most agencies do require long-term contracts. Qualigence doesn’t. There’s no minimum or maximum commitment level, and we can opt out whenever we want. We’re in control the whole time.

Objection #3: “With A.I. and automated recruiting software, all of our bases are covered.”

Response: 82% of job seekers say they get frustrated with A.I.-fueled bots. While automated recruiting software can source and engage with candidates, it doesn’t mean they should. I mean, if Siri and Alexa can’t even compute the simplest commands, how can we rely on that same technology to engage with the best talent? Technology should only supplement our talent initiatives.
Objection #4: “External recruiting and search firms don’t deliver quality candidates.”

Response: Qualigence uses a quantifiable evaluation process to aid their recruiting strategy: The Core 4 Methodology. They work closely with both clients and candidates assess their individual needs. Q then uses that information to decide if the fit between client and candidate is the right one.

“The Qualigence team matches candidates to what I’m looking for, and that’s very unique. A lot of recruiting agencies throw people at you without screening against criteria of what the client’s looking for. They live up to expectations of what they say they’ll do.”

- Patti Collins, VP, Development & Marketing, Easter Seals

Objection #5: “Agencies are transactional.”

Response:Recruiters at Qualigence make communication a priority. They work closely with clients to define the actual job, not just the skills. If recruiters have questions, they aren’t afraid to hop on a call and ask questions. The last thing they want to do is “hand off” candidates.

“The Qualigence team is very good about feedback, and does the tweaking and honing within your focus area and works to understand firsthand what you are looking for.”

- Talent Acquisition Manager, Fortune 500 Commercial Banking Institution
Objection #6: “We can just fill the roles internally.”

Response: A partnership with Qualigence comes with an extended recruiting and research team. That means a larger talent pool and farther candidate reach for us. When we have more hands on the deck, we have the time to make even more quality placements with less turnover.

“We had leadership roles open for over 2-months. Our in-house recruiting team didn’t have any more contacts to leverage--we capped out. After we partnered with Qualigence, they delivered 5 qualified candidates on a pretty tight timeline.”

- Liz Lollock, Talent Acquisition Manager, Strategic Recruiting at Aon

Objection #7: “An agency doesn’t know our industry as well as we do.”

Response: Qualigence has recruiters on hand who specialize in a ton of different industries: accounting, financial, technology, IT, automotive, marketing, and legal, to name a few.

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