Candidate Sourcing as a Service

The greatest possible candidates at your fingertips


Outreach takes time. Outreach to uninterested and unqualified talent wastes time. Wasted time leads to fewer placements. Fewer placements equal more stress on recruiting teams. More stress leads to poor performance. Poor performance eventually affects the budget.

…need we go on?


Reap the benefits of Qualigence Sourcing as a Service

Our sourcing analysts compile a list of passive and active candidate names, generate buzz around your roles, and pre-screen quality candidates. The only names you get are the ones who show interest and promise.

Be your team’s hero


Internal and external recruiting teams can finally take a breather. Q sourcing gives you more time to:


Talk with qualified candidates instead of hunting for them


Make more placements

Build strong candidate pipelines


Increase response times to new internal and client reqs

Be the solution

We didn’t forget about talent acquisition and recruiting leaders. Your stress is real, too. That’s why we help you:

Decrease placement fees

Leverage internal recruiting resources

Decrease time to fill

Build a pipeline of quality candidates