Businesses Turn to Recruiting for Help in New Year

February 3, 2014
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January 28, 2014
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February 6, 2014

Recruiters are busy lending a hand in the New Year.

As we enter February, organizations across the board are turning to recruiters to pair with their internal efforts and bulk up their teams.

Executive search firms and competitive intelligence organizations in particular are seeing a heightened percentage of recruiting needs this year.

A 2014 Regional Hiring Outlook report from the ExecuSearch Group revealed that nearly half of the responding organizations struggle with "attracting the right talent." Organizations are leveraging recruiting and sourcing firms in order to engage with the talent they need.

In many instances, internal recruiting teams are short-staffed for the needed head count, and turn to recruiting firms to pair with their services and fill in the gaps.

According to Forbes, Recruiting the Right Talent is being noted as a leading hurdle to business growth this year.

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The positions in most need of recruiting thus far include financial services, IT, health care, legal, and marketing. Northwestern Mutual, for instance, is looking to recruit more than 6,400 financial representatives this year.

In Silicon Valley, 88% of CIOs are looking to hire top talent with in-demand tech skills, according to Robert Half Technology.

Additionally, more than 77% of small businesses plan to increase their staff this year, according to the j2 Global Small Business Report Card.

This year has been coined as the Year of the Employee as the competition for top talent heightens.

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