Building Organizational Charts Crucial in Contemporary Recruiting

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December 20, 2012
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January 9, 2013

Org Charts Reveal Candidate's True Identity

Anyone can do a simple online search for candidates. But the problem with the “new wave” approaches to research and sourcing is that most of the time, everyone is fishing in the same pond. These generic, surface-level searches reveal general information about candidates that is easily found.

But what about their true identities?

Enter organizational charts. Organizational charts, or org charts, can unveil the subtle nuances that accompany each candidate by taking the findings a step further.

While basic search reveals name and title, organizational charts can uncover direct phone numbers, reporting structure, salary data, biographical information, and competitive intelligence based on the company’s specific interests.

In order to obtain a thorough organizational chart, time and knowledge must be strictly devoted to uncovering otherwise unseen information. This can be accomplished through advanced research methodologies that go beyond Google searches.

Moderation of social media recruiting is likely to be a significant theme as we dive into a new, exciting year of recruiting and recruitment research.

Organizational charts can pave the way for companies by allowing them to stay ahead of the competition and truly uncover top talent that otherwise goes unseen by those who are conducting a depthless search.

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