Building a Team Culture Around Continuous Learning

November 11, 2016
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November 4, 2016
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November 18, 2016

We hear often about a talent shortage impacting several industries, from marketing to information technology.

To stay competitive, talent is tasked with keeping their skills sharp during a work climate where they are expected to perform in less time and with fewer resources.

To face this challenge, consider encouraging your current and future talent to engage in micro-learning, one of the most popular and emerging trends in adult learning. Best utilized when you actively need new information, micro-learning is excellent if you need to learn a soft, or more literal skill quickly.

During a work day, it might be difficult to find time for a lengthy course complete with exams and study guides. Consider making your micro-learning adventures into an reoccurring afternoon by spending some time off-site, or at a quarterly lunch & learn to review.

Here are our top picks for new skills to share with your team, or sign up for yourself!

Packaged as an “MBA in a Box”, Eazl’s bestselling course on Udemy is built to transform how you bring value to your team. Take a cursory glance of everything from macroeconomics to how to communicate your message effectively in your next Power Point.


Code Academy has over 25 million participants learning to code. You’ll learn by doing, getting your feet wet and building your own website immediately. The best part? Completely free, and easy to start and stop between quick lessons.

Even if charts and graphs are not your forte or in your job description, you’ve likely had to use Excel professionally. Learn to build dashboards, manage your projects, and employ time saving formulas with

How do you keep your skills sharp as a busy professional? What are your favorite online courses?

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