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July 2, 2014
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Qualigence International is not an RPO, Contingent, Retained, or traditional Search firm. We are a Recruitment Research firm that provides hourly, non-traditional talent acquisition solutions.


Our Research Consultants conduct unique phone research - we have real conversations.

  • We map out the organizational structure of any competitor or organization of your choice
  • We find 100% of the talent within those companies that are currently performing that role
  • We guarantee that every phone number, email address, name, 100% accurate
  • You own all data. We do not mine data nor re-sell it.
  • We charge hourly. You only pay for the research we actually conduct.

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Not just any candidate will do.

  • We pick up the phone and call candidates using the accurate research we have uncovered
  • We have in depth conversations about company culture, salary, motivations, and the right fit
  • We provide detailed feedback about every candidate, good or bad.
  • Our average cost per hire using our hourly format is only 10-14% of the candidates first year salary

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