In-depth research strategies

With our unconventional and in-depth research strategies, we have helped organizations gain access to qualified talent pipelines, up-to-date names, and concrete strategies that actually put them leagues ahead of the competition – often for the first time!

Based on our decades of research experience, we’ve learned that the most impactful strategies involve communication and the authentic observance of our client's needs. While our competition scours LinkedIn for outdated profiles, we move beyond social networks and online databases.

But what do you, as a recruiting leader, gain from this new level of communication? How do these authentic relationships benefit your team in the long run?

  • Higher likelihood of selling the position
  • Lower turnover for newly hired employees
  • Higher client satisfaction

Which of these results can your team afford to lose?

Download the Recruitment Research Guide: Building a Complete Talent Picture to understand the 4-Step process to structured data in recruiting. ->

Download the Recruitment Research Guide: Building a Complete Talent Picture

A 4-Step Guide to Structured Data in Recruiting.

Qualigence International understands that a variety of sources must be used in order to reach the entire talent pool moving beyond unstructured social networks and online databases while utilizing various phone techniques.


Slide the circle to see the difference between Unstructured Data and Structured Data


Here are a few of our clients with whom we have the pleasure of partnering.


Stop sifting through endless candidate data.

Learn more about Recruitment Research, because accuracy and relevancy matters when it comes to recruiting, hiring, and/or pipelining talent.

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