Unorthodox methods

Many recruiters are overworked and unsupported.

Based on our recruiting experience, we’ve learned that the most impactful strategies involve the time to create personal relationships, communicate properly, and understand both candidate and hiring manager needs. With many recruiters managing 20-30 open requisitions at a time, how do you dedicate the time needed to each one?

So how can we help?

You know where you need the support – we can provide a solution to free your time.

  • Sourcing and pipelining
  • Hourly candidate development on demand
  • Short term project support
  • Database cleanup and maintenance

Download the Discover the Valentino Recruiting Firm Whitepaper to determine the right firm. ->

Download the Discover the Valentino Recruiting Firm Whitepaper

Determine the genuine firm from the farce one.

Recent Placements

Safety Trainer
Burnaby, BC

2.5% cost per hire

Account Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA

6.7% cost per hire

VP Marketing
Seattle, WA

13.4% cost per hire

Marketing Associate/Office Coordinator
Grand Rapids, MI

11% cost per hire


Here are a few of our clients with whom we have the pleasure of partnering.


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