An Alternative to RPO

Let’s be upfront: our methods are quite unorthodox.

Based on our decades of research and recruiting experience, we’ve learned that the most impactful strategies involve personal relationships, communication, and the authentic observance of both candidate and client needs. While our competition scours LinkedIn for outdated profiles, stacking up their collected resumes along the way, we believe in phone calls and lunch meetings.

But what do you, as an HR professional, gain from this new level of communication? How do these authentic relationships benefit your organization in the long run?

Clear communication and relationship building results in:

  • Better gauging of candidate skills and attitudes
  • Higher likelihood of selling the position
  • Lower turnover for newly hired employees
  • Clear expectations of the required duties
  • Higher client and candidate satisfaction

Now, which of these results can your organization afford to lose?

Download the RPO: Death by Suffocation Whitepaper and take a look at today's recruiting options ->

Download the QPO vs. RPO Firm Whitepaper

Take a look at today's recruiting options.

Recent Placements

Safety Trainer
Burnaby, BC

2.5% cost per hire

Account Coordinator
Los Angeles, CA

6.7% cost per hire

VP Marketing
Seattle, WA

13.4% cost per hire

Marketing Associate/Office Coordinator
Grand Rapids, MI

11% cost per hire


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