6 Productivity Tricks to Combat the ‘Office Dead Zone’

December 29, 2015
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December 28, 2015
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January 4, 2016

The Washington Post noted this week that the time between Christmas and New Years is often referred to as the 'Dead Zone', the week when many professionals are out of the office for the holidays and few clients, customers, or candidates are picking up the phone.

But a quieter week doesn't have to be all for naught. In fact, it can be an ideal opportunity to buckle down and achieve more than usual.

Consider six tricks to face the Dead Zone this week:

  • Plug In & Crank Out - With fewer people in the office, it can be a great opportunity to tune into your favorite music, radio station, or podcast as you crank out some projects that have gone ignored. Programs like This American Life have entire libraries of more than 20 years' of lifestyle radio sessions to sooth your ears as you work this week.
  • Revisit the To-Do List - Everyone has those projects that fall by the wayside due to fast approaching deadlines and items that demand attention right away. Take this time to revisit old lists of projects and conquer those that have been left behind, crossing off items that have been sitting for weeks or months.
  • Brainstorm - Calmer weeks provide an ideal timeframe to do brainstorming and idea sessions your team may not usually have the time for. Write these ideas down and prioritize them so that they can be executed in the New Year when everyone is back on board and ready to roll.
  • Out with the Old - Take this time to decide what projects or campaigns worked this year, what didn't, and why. Shuffle out ineffective strategies and replace them with new ones in order to start the year with a fresh start.
  • Talk to Each Other - While office chit-chat can seem counter-productive, getting to know your co-workers is actually a healthy, balanced way to go through the work week. Stop by a colleague's office you may not usually converse with and see how their holiday season is going.
  • See Who Needs Help - Offer your assistance on long-term or larger initiatives that may need more hands on deck while it's available. This type of help will reflect positively on the team and be remembered later when the year picks back up and you find yourself needing a hand.
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