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July 7, 2015
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By James Wisser

In the last few years, organizations have had increasing difficulty uncovering talent in roles such as health care, call center operations, transportation (truck drivers) and engineering (operators, etc). When sourcing for these types of roles, you cannot rely on typical online avenues such as LinkedIn or ZoomInfo because profiles simply do not exist in large numbers within these sources.

While online sourcing can only uncover a segment of the candidate pool within any industry, these tools may help uncover a previously undiscovered partial candidate list:

Utilize the names you already have to uncover an extended network of Facebook friends and build out a list of names that you can leverage. Once you have pulled up the identified individual's list of friends, use the Ctrl+F function to locate the titles or company that you are looking for. For example: “RN” OR “Nurse” OR “Company Name”. Companies will also often tag employees in items such as company events or award presentations; keep an eye out for these tags to uncover additional names.

Melissa Data
Melissa Data now offers a feature that allows you to type in an email address or home address and it will provide any emails or phone numbers that are known to be associated with that information that was provided.

This site will help find phone numbers for individuals or figure out what other names we can search the Internet by if the name is not yielding results. Often, the number listed will assist in redirecting to office or professional phone numbers for employees.

To be used congruently with Whitepages. Use listed info (middle initials, address, spouse’s name) to help guide you through ZABA’s results.

This site can uncover personal websites and portfolios of work. Works well for tough to track candidates, such as engineers, who are likely to have a professional portfolio under their name. The ‘Who Is’ tab finds the email address, phone, and fax of person who registered a site.

Again, online tools won't find everyone you're looking for - these need to be leveraged with more old-school methodologies like picking up the phone to break out organizational information. But they serve as a good starting point when sourcing for candidates that aren't easily found on LinkedIn.

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