4 Ways to Recruit for Benefits & Perks Over Pay

September 12, 2014
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September 2, 2014
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September 17, 2014

In today's candidate driven market, it's hard to believe salary isn't everything. But recent studies have shown that many talented workers prefer other benefits over compensation. Millennials in particular desire a "purposeful fit," strong company culture, and flexibility over pay.

Still, it can be tricky to recruit for benefits of the job other than pay. These strategies require the recruiter to embrace the elements of Employer Branding, in which positioning the organization as a strong business culturally and socially is key to attracting and retaining the best candidates.

The next time you are faced with recruiting for a position that doesn't have excellent compensation but flourishes with other perks, try shifting your focus on these attributes:

Health Care

Recent studies have found that most employees would actually leave the company and take a lower salary to have better benefits. Candidates with families will likely find a strong benefits package essential, especially if there is cost-effective coverage for additional health entities such as eye and dental care. Talk to the employer about their benefits packages and find out if it has unique add-ons (some companies offer chiropractic and massage therapy in their coverage) that will be key selling points.

An organization with a strong internal training program can be a large selling factor for many candidates. Allowing employees to become more knowledgeable within their role and thoroughly comprehend the industry will be beneficial to their overall productivity. Talk to the employer about the possibility of offering in-house or digital training as an added benefit to the new employee. Companies that offer lunch and learn training sessions or seminars help their employees adapt more quickly to change, according to a recent benchmark survey by Towards Maturity.

Flexible hours are a huge selling point in today's market. Whether this means the ability to work remotely or choose the hours in which the employee comes into the office, allowing employees to balance their professional life with their home life means companies get the most out of their employees, according to Business Insider. Flexibility is shown to increase productivity by 27 percent, according to PayScale. Talk to the employer about whether they would consider a flexible schedule for a candidate if they prove to be a trustworthy worker.

Path & Ladder
A clear career path within a company can easily be the selling point that persuades the candidate to pursue the role. Management that is supportive of moving up in the company will allow the employer to find and retain talented candidates with an inherent motivation to be successful. Talk to the employer about positions the candidate will be able to work toward and move into. Mapping out a clear career path based on their interests can help them think more long-term about their role and future compensation opportunities.

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