4 Simple Ways to Motivate Your Employees

March 3, 2014
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February 25, 2014
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March 7, 2014

Are your top performers still excited to come to work?

Retention is being heralded as one of the most crucial aspects of talent acquisition strategies for this year. As the market becomes more candidate driven, employers are striving for fresh and innovative ways to motivate top performers and, ultimately, keep them around.

Try these tactics in order to encourage, motivate, and retain top talent:

1. Make them Feel Safe
Job security is an encouragement method that ties into our basic and innate need for security and safety. Massive turnover rates paired with internal politics and unrest are a surefire way to cause stress and strain on employees who wish to stay put. Watching their fellow comrades be let go is disheartening and can make the employee uncertain about the direction of the company.

Ensure your employees that their time is valued and their place secure in the company. Back this up by allowing for overall longevity within the team. Speak to the employee about long-term goals and initiatives that ensure them they are there for the long run.

For more information on the importance of happy employees, check out our Company Culture Whitepaper:

2. Communicate
Communicating in the workplace is about more than occasionally checking in on employees to make sure they are doing their job. Communicating requires an actual building of a professional relationship in which both employee and employer feel comfortable approaching one another about thoughts, ideas, and concerns. Setting aside time to communicate with your team can be crucial in making them feel noticed and appreciated. Employees who don't receive much direction from leadership can quickly feel despondent.

3. Provide Opportunities to be Challenged
Whether it's the possibility of advancing within the company or exercising additional responsibilities, employees need to be challenged. Trusting your employees with new tasks gives them the esteem boost they need to take on more challenges and accomplish more for the company. Employee complacency stems from fulfilling the same assignments day in and day out with few additional challenges brought forth by leadership.

Speak with your employees about career progression and their overall desired path. Employee ambition sees an increase when they feel they are being trusted to take on a variety of responsibilities and are pushed to succeed.

4. Say "Good Job"
Employee recognition is a simple way to motivate employees that is too often forgotten. Everyone in the workplace is busy; this can lead to employees feeling as though their work is not recognized or appreciated.
Taking the time to make note of the work your employee has done can be a 10-second way to boost their confidence and motivate them to do the job well. No one is too old, too professional or too high up on the ladder to hear that they've done a nice job.

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