4 Signs it’s Time to Restructure (according to Google & Alphabet)

August 11, 2015
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August 10, 2015
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August 17, 2015

Google announced late Monday a major overhaul of its corporate structure with the introduction of a new parent company, Alphabet. The announcement comes with a number of changes, including the move of CEO Larry Page over to Alphabet, with new CEO Sundar Pichai to oversee Google's ventures.

To implement the change, Google plans to move forward with a large reorganization - called the 'Alphabet Merger' -  which will result in Alphabet owning all stock of Google.

But why the change for Google or other organizations that restructure? Consider Google's Top 4 Reasons for the Change:

1. Staying Focused on the Basics.
With the new parent company in place, Google will be able to put more focus on its primary purposes - search, advertising, Android, Chrome, maps, and YouTube.

2. Compartmentalizing Ideas.
The Alphabet portfolio will include important ideas that deserve time and attention apart from Google's other entities, that is, developing efforts to help us live longer, cure disease, create self-driving cars, and revolutionize thermostats.


3. Revitalizing Capital.
With the varying ventures separated, it will help Google maintain the interest of investors who are focused on their ability to be the world's most powerful search engine --- which was what built up their capital in the beginning.

4. Visibility & Clarity.
With the move, customers, clients, and followers of Google will be able to gain a clear picture of what Google and Alphabet are doing with each project and venture. It will also help differentiate Google as a Consumer Brand and Alphabet as a non-conventional ideas conglomerate.

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