4 Reasons Companies Need Exit Interviews

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July 7, 2015
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In order to retain top talent and ensure a productive workplace culture, it is imperative that organizations detect and address problems related to turnover. Without knowing why employees quit, management cannot properly tackle damaging and resounding problems within the company structure.

Exit interviews ensure that employees' voices are heard and allows them to leave feedback about company culture, growth potential, management, etc. Employers can then utilize these results to better the workplace and reduce turnover.

Consider these four reasons employers benefit from exit interviews:

Identify Turnover Trends

When performed consistently, exit interviews can identify trends regarding reasons for turnover and employees’ overall attitude toward the company. If several employees identify the same problems within an organization, it is likely the problem is consistent and in need of immediate repair.

Systematic Responses

When an employee leaves an organization, it is common for an employer to question his or her motivations and reasons. However, management might not always ask the most effective questions or use the same questions for every employee. This can lead to disorganized, unhelpful, or irrelevant answers that differ depending on external factors. Exit interviews that include questionnaires and surveys allow for a more consistent process and organized, useful information from which organizations can draw conclusions and make the appropriate culture changes.

Honest Answers

Exit interviews, particularly when conducted by a third party and not the direct HR or management of the company, allow an employee to answer candidly and provide true feedback. An employee may be much more responsive when he or she can avoid facing the employer directly, avoid any mistreatment by a former employer, and share his or her opinions to someone unaffiliated with the organization. Honest answers lead to more accurate results and the identification of potential problems.

Customized Feedback

Because each organization’s dynamics differ, exit interviews are not one-size-fits-all. Customized exit interviews address each facet and dynamic of a company in order to obtain more precise results that can be responded to appropriately.


Organizations have reduced employee turnover by identifying trends and utilizing tangible information provided by exit interview services. When companies utilize third party exit interview services, employees are more likely to offer candid insight about cultural observations within the company.

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