3 Ways to Attract Passionate Young Talent

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September 6, 2017
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September 25, 2017
Millennials are entering the workplace in droves. It's not surprising that organizations are amping up their efforts to appeal to today's youth. Or in other words: a large majority of today's talent. While these more progressive organizations are trying to adapt, many are at a loss for how to do so. They've been thinking on a much smaller scale, thus the rise of bean bag chairs, bring-your-dog-to-work day, and specialty coffees. These superficial perks will definitely attract some millennials; but they likely won't attract the type of young talent that'll bring hard work, loyalty, and soft skills to the table. In order to truly market to talented millennials, professionals of previous generations must ask what it is that they truly want. Consider the following:

1. Be altruistic.

When we personally researched career drivers for millennials, we discovered that 21% of millennials place a higher priority on helping people in need, compared to 15% who prioritize highly-compensated careers. Always remember that they value a sense of purpose over compensation. To appeal to millennials, organizations must focus on creating a sense of belonging rather than boasting bonuses and benefits. Recruiters must note the ways in which an employee will belong to a team, work for the common good, and enrich the lives of others. It would be a strategic move to highlight any charity work the organization may be involved in, too.

2. Be innovative.

In order to appeal to millennials in the workplace, organizations have to get on their level. This requires being open to new forms of technology, marketing, and utilizing social media platforms. As explained in one of our earlier blogs, Understanding the Top 4 Stereotypes About Millennial Employees, folks in this generation grew up in the age of smart phones and advanced technology. Their adaptability to new technologies allows them to competently introduce new technologies in the corporate space. If businesses began viewing millennials' technological literacy as a blessing rather than a curse, the talent they desire will come rolling in. Organizations can't always expect others around them to adapt to their ways; instead, they can attract exactly what they need by marketing with a platform of millennials' choice.

3. Be supportive and encouraging. 

Whether through schools, bloated universities, or large companies, young people are used to feeling like just another number in a massive crowd. The iY generation wants to be considered a vital asset to the organization; they want to stand out as a piece of the big picture rather than feeling either invisible or disposable. To truly speak to young talent, organizations must emphasize the ways each individual will be responsible for his or her own role, treat each candidate as if he or she already matters, and treat the recruiting process as a personal relationship rather than a transaction. Make a conscious effort and be sure that young candidates feel less like a face in the crowd; get to know them, and trust and welcome them with valuable responsibilities.

How will you alter your branding and recruiting strategies to attract young talent today?

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