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3 Steps to Having a "Power Resume"

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April 25, 2016
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May 9, 2016

When it comes to seeking new opportunities or entering a new field, learning the art of the resume is an essential step. Too often, resumes are shuffled to the bottom, thrown out, or simply ignored for very minor errors. In order to increase one’s chances of making an impression, a candidate must submit a resume that attracts the employer’s attention in a short amount of time.

This "Power Resume" can ensure that the candidate makes their way to the top of the pile, through the ATS system, or into the hiring manager's hands.

According to Business Insider, the average recruiter spends about six seconds perusing a resume.


In order to make the most of these six seconds, candidates should implement the following three resume "power plays":illustration [Converted]

  • Keep it Short & Sweet: Overwhelming bodies of text should not make an appearance on a resume, especially as a description of responsibilities. While most of us know by now that bullet points are key, shortened executive summaries at the top are also an important factor in keeping it concise. "I am seeking..." introductions are no longer necessary. The executive summary serves as a sneak peak into a candidate’s passions, accomplishments, and skill sets in various positions.
  • Over-Organize: No matter what field you are in, organization is key on a resume. Employment should be organized in reverse chronological order, with education and special interests on the last page. Listing your top skills and capabilities in brief bullet points following executive summary can also be key to catching the recruiter's eye before competing candidates can. Quantify your accomplishments within job descriptions with actual numbers-driven results to underscore your capabilities.
  • Link to Social Media: Because recruiters are likely to search for candidates on social media anyway, it is best to provide a link to any online professional profiles. This tip is especially relevant for those whose job will entail being highly involved in the digital space, such as marketers or advertisers. Streamlining all social media profiles is recommended; in other words, use the same name for each one, and use middle initials for common names.

In essence, a resume should appear professional, clean, and planned, avoiding complicated paragraphs and unnecessary text. Creating an easy-to-read resume increases its chances of passing a recruiter’s first glance while showing a candidate’s ability to synthesize, organize, and summarize. Learn more:

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