10 Indispensable Search Engine Secrets for Recruiters & Sourcers

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April 18, 2014
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Social sourcing can be tricky.

While it's always crucial to leverage online and social media sourcing with more traditional candidate research methodologies, these quick and easy search engine tips are often overlooked.

The next time you're sourcing for candidate information, job titles and positions, or simply need to find faster results on any topic, try utilizing some of the search tactics:

  • Enter most important terms first – left to right (not all search engines give the same priority to all terms regardless of order)
  • Like in math, contents in parenthesis (…) get evaluated first
  • Use ANDs before ORs then NOTs last
  • Use NOT sparingly – it can eliminate too many results
  • Wildcards broaden search *
  • Phrases in quotation marks “…” narrow search results
  • Always nest ORs in parenthesis (“Child care” OR education)
  • Use as few ORs as possible
  • Cast a broad net and narrow slowly
  • Start with 2-3 keywords, then narrow carefully. For additional narrowing, add keywords one at a time.

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