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Nicholas Nonis

Nicholas Nonis is a Research Project Manager for Qualigence International. Nicholas joined Qualigence in 2012 and advanced into a management role in 2014. In his current role, Nicholas oversees multiple research projects from kickoff to conclusion, ensuring the work provided to clients is thorough and accurate. Nicholas works with all divisions of the organization to ensure client satisfaction on every project, prioritizing client assignments based on deadlines and client urgency. Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University.

What I most enjoy about my role is the relationships that I get to create with both clients and co-workers.

The environment and culture is what keeps me at Qualigence.

I am most proud of helping clients fill roles that they have had a tough time of filling and helping others with their skill growth as well as my own.

1. The people here are great to work with.
2. You get to work on different types of roles and positions all the time, so you are not doing the same thing everyday.
3. The perks are good (company events, not having work weekends, the benefits and 401k)

When I arrive at the office I will start off by checking what assignments of mine to begin working on and if I have any calls for the day. I then prep my projects for the researchers that will be working on them. Throughout the day I work on the projects that I am assigned to as well as lead, direct and help with various projects.


Completing a project.

What Clients Say About Us

Totally impressed by the job you’re doing with direct dials and emails – you make us look like stars!
The Qualigence team really interacts with the data and paints a picture to give you an idea of what it tells you, not just collecting the data but interpreting it…it allows me to present to our directors some really good market intelligence a person normally wouldn’t find.

Nicholas Nonis

Research Project Manager for
Qualigence International


In his spare time, Nicholas enjoys playing golf and watching sports.
Building & Cultivating Client relationships
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