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Michelle Chuck.

Michelle Chuck

Michelle Chuck is a Research Project Manager for Qualigence International. In her role, Michelle is responsible for overseeing multiple research projects from kickoff to conclusion, ensuring the work provided to clients is thorough and accurate.

The interactions with the Qualigence team. In my role, I get to interact with every department and through those interactions we are able to deliver results for our clients.

The people, the location and all the nice perks including lunches, events, retirement and health care. The company cares about us which is nice.

There was a client with a tough role to fill where the majority of the employees work remotely and across the country. We were able to blow them away with the amount of people we found in the same role at their competitors. They were completely satisfied and happy with the results.

1. Get involved. There are many groups and events that you can be a part of.
2. Don’t be afraid to admit you do not know something. We don’t work in all areas of the business. Nobody expects you to know it all.
3. Work hard but take time to have fun too.

When I get in each morning, I check the schedule to see which of my projects are being worked on that day. I look over the data from the day before and determine what we need to focus on. I check in with the researchers working on the projects to see if they have any questions. I get started on the projects I am assigned to for the day. During the day, there are team meetings, client calls and emails to reply to. I check the budget for the project to make sure each project is within the allotted budget. At the end of the day, I review the data that has been uncovered and submit it to our operations team to be sent to the client. There are times that I need to stay late to get projects ready for the next day or closed out because they are done. I usually have a list going of what needs to be completed each day.


Completing a Project

What Clients Say About Us

Qualigence is really effective in terms of turnaround time. The team is very good about feedback, and does the tweaking and honing within your focus area and works to understand firsthand what you are looking for.
I was introduced to and first used Qualigence at a previous employer and continue to rely upon them for accurate and timely recruiting research. I have found them to be the most effective recruitment research partner that I have worked with. They are an integral part of our strategies to recruit passive candidates and I recommend them most highly.

Michelle Chuck

Research Project Manager for
Qualigence International


Promoted to Research Project Manager in 2015
Project Management, Sourcing
35200 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, MI 48150
T 734-432-6300 Ext. 231


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