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Jeff Bintinger.

Jeff Bintinger

Jeff Bintinger is a Research Manager for Qualigence International. In his role, Jeff is responsible for overseeing multiple research projects from kickoff to conclusion, ensuring the work provided to clients is thorough and accurate.

The variety of projects and clients we work with across various industries allowing us to broaden our skills.

The open door policy that allows individuals to grow professionally on a daily basis and build excellent relationships among coworkers.

Helping clients locate the talent they need to fill roles that they may not have had much success in finding.

1. The people here are phenomenal to work with and care about your development.
2. You aren’t left to figure things out on your own. While you have a good amount of autonomy, there will always be someone to take the time to help for any question you may have.
3. There are always great events going on both inside and outside the office such as potlucks, company outings and hands-on charitable contributions to the local community.

A typical day will start by checking what assignments of mine I should work on. I will take the time to prep a folder for the assigned researcher to better understand what we are looking for and give them a jumping off point. Throughout the course of a day, I will work on projects I am assigned to, as well as provide guidance and direct individuals on their assigned projects as well.

Leadership, Stability, Company Perks, Culture, and Autonomy

Recognition, Relationship with Colleagues, and Completing a Project

What Clients Say About Us

Q matches candidates to what I’m looking for, and that’s very unique. A lot of recruiting agencies throw people, or don’t screen against the criteria of what the client is looking for.
Qualigence, for me, has really provided a lot of value-add in the recruiting process in that they can quickly turn up appropriate candidates for the positions we are looking to fill and vet them against what we are looking for, specific criteria…One thing I have found wonderful is that you really do provide the service you say you are going to provide and keep me updated in the process.

Jeff Bintinger

Research Manager for
Qualigence International


Promoted to Research Manager in 2017
Project Management, Sourcing
35200 Schoolcraft Rd., Livonia, MI 48150
T 734-432-6300 Ext. 228


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