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Evi Cenolli.

Evi Cenolli

Evi Cenolli is a Research Manager for Qualigence International. In her role, Evi is responsible for overseeing multiple research projects from kickoff to conclusion, ensuring the work provided to clients is thorough and accurate.

Since we conduct research in every industry, I love the fact that I learn new things everyday.

The company culture, great co-workers and leadership.

Hearing from clients that our research has helped them fill a position.

1. It’s a fast paced and fun environment.
2. You will learn new things everyday.
3. Your hard work will be rewarded.

I’ll start the day by doing some initial research on the projects that I’m managing for that day. Then I’ll make research calls and manage projects as the day goes on. To make the day more productive and be more efficient, I try to find different ways of conducting research and finding information.


Completing a Project

What Clients Say About Us

I appreciate the professionalism and the care in which was given to our needs. The information that you provide is very beneficial and I highly recommend your services!
We knew they were hard to fill roles…challenging roles for us to find the right candidate who has the skill and experience. We were looking for the Golden Person who has the skill, ability, and desire to work for the organization. The Qualigence team did a great job understanding what we were looking for specifically.

Evi Cenolli

Research Manager for
Qualigence International


Promoted to Research Manager in 2017
Project Management, Sourcing
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